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"What Is Abandonment Disorder In Borderline Personality?"

By Michael Weisz


Are you suffering from BPD? Have you ever asked yourself where is this Abandonment Disorder coming from?

To begin with, during our child years we are manifesting an unconscious need for love, care, affection, and respect from our parents and/or caregivers. These desires are to be fulfilled by the parents within a special relationship and bonding with the child, called attachment.

Basically when a child is securely attached, he or she has an unconscious sense of security and stability coming from the fact that his/her needs are met by loving and caring parents.

However this is unfortunately not the case in all families. In these families children are treated either, callous, rejecting, in depreciative ways, or downright abusively or violently.

Children reared in such families experience an intense lack of fulfillment of their emotional and cognitive demands, which is experienced unconsciously as abandonment of them as human beings.

You may have observed children and even adults who were raised in such families who are fearsome, bashful, are frequently questioning themselves, have low self-confidence, and intense self-downing attitudes.

Over the years these wants from the early years of live are turning eventually into an abandonment disorder specific in borderline personality.

Essentially this fear of abandonment comes from the unconscious belief which basically says that all people will relate to me the same way as my parents or important close persons did during my childhood.

Although this conclusion is obviously untrue, this is the unconscious reality of a person who suffers from BPD and abandonment disorder.

Further on, the way to address these early shortcomings is to determine exactly the thoughts and beliefs the sufferer has when coming in contact with other significant people. The problem of abandonment came up because of a relationship, so it will manifest in present relationships.

If you suffer from abandonment disorder, one thing you can do is to go back into your past and identify the reasons why your parents, caregivers, or close ones did treat you that way. In other words, find out the motives to prove you that not you are the reason for their demeanors, but life or personal problems they were having.

Moving on, you will than be able to extrapolate your conclusions to the other people you come in contact or have a relationship with.

Just because your parents or close ones behaved that way it doesn’t necessarily mean that all people you will ever come in contact with will behave the same. And I believe you can find proofs for this from your own experiences.

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