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"3 Tips To Overcome Avoidant Borderline Personality Disorder"

By Michael Weisz


Trying to overcome the symptoms of Avoidant Borderline Personality?

People with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD have a powerful fear of abandonment or punishment from others. They also tend to present negative or deprecating self-attitudes which are usually triggered in specific situations.

In order to go around the effects of such self-attitudes (e.g. anxiety, shame, anger), BPD sufferers can develop avoidance against these specific situations. Although such a strategy may work on the short-term, on the long-term it will usually enhance the fear of facing another such or similar situation. This is similar to a vicious circle where the more you try to avoid something, the more it is going to dial up your fear.

So in order to ease your avoidant tendency stemming from the borderline personality, you need to adopt strategies which bring positive results on the long run.

First, facing the fear-causing situations instead of avoiding them helps to trigger the adaptation mechanisms of habituation. Habituation is the process of accepting and getting used with a situation or stimuli which previously was perceived as dangerous.

For instance next occasion when you will think that somebody is looking to abandon or punish you, instead of acting according to your thoughts and emotions, try to “put them on hold” for a moment and ask yourself if your fear has real grounds.

This step may take from a few minutes to as long as a few hours but try to do yourself a favor and hold on to it because the positive changes will leave the temporary fear or anguish you might feel at the moment in the dust.

Secondly, you may try to aim for changing the black and white thought patterns into more balanced ones, with more gray shades instead of only the extremes. For instance the following occasion when you will think that someone wants to abandon you, put in actively a few gray shades by coming up with attitudes or behaviors from the other person which would signal indeed that he or she is planning to leave you. Than compare these imaginative scenarios with reality and decide for yourself if there are real reasons for you to get agitated, anxious, or angry.

Thirdly regular breathing exercises combined with meditation helps to relieve stress and anxiety, rendering your mind and body to become cool and relaxed. Another positive side-effect of this exercise is that it dials down the tendency to think in only black and white terms, encouraging your mind to explore new mental strategies for the perception of others and the world. Do this at least once every day and you should notice significant improvements from the first day.

So, if you want to get a full education on how to treat your borderline personality the right way, fast, safe, and with permanent results, you definitely need to take a look at my "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program.

The causes of BPD are built up over many years by the painful and emotionally invalidating situations and experiences during the early years of life.

Your brain can, however, learn new things, new thought, new beliefs when exposed to new healthy experiences and messages.

Obviously, all these need to be followed through in a specific sequence. But once these things are learned, any BPD sufferer can be his or her own BPD therapist.

Read my program and start seeing and feeling changes today.

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