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Dear Friend,

When I had borderline personality it was very difficult to control my emotions, my impulsive reactions, I was constantly afraid and worried, my self-esteem was very low, I lacked confidence in my capabilities, and it was just very difficult for me to trust anyone.

Also, I remember how afraid I was that my girlfriend will find out about my "problem" and that she will break up with me. I was in a constant self-doubt and terrified about the possibility that one day my BPD is going to blow up my future and I'll be a failure for the rest of my days. I felt alone, abandoned, that no one will ever really love me for who I am, that there is no person in this world who would really be interested in what I had to say, to really listen to my needs and wishes.

And that constant inner void and emptiness was just drowning my energy to the last drop. I was constantly tired, I had attention and memory problems, I was craving for sweets, and my mind was like groping in the fog.

Let me ask you a few questions.. Please think carefully as you answer...

  • Are you afraid that you'll not be able to control your emotions and impulses and you'll do something reckless you'll regret?

  • Have you ever went out and felt extremely APPREHENSIVE about the possibility of doing or saying something WEIRD, WRONG, or "INAPPROPRIATE" because others might see you as a "weird" or "strange" person, or because they will LAUGH at you?

  • Do you usually FEEL extremely TENSE or ANXIOUS just thinking about the possibility that you might be abandoned, punished, scolded, criticized, or put down and you just can't stop worrying?

  • Do you feel LOW IN YOUR OWN EYES and tend to be extremely HARSH on yourself for doing mistakes or bad choices, even for the small ones? Do you feel ashamed or guilty about your past?

  • Do you find it hard to trust people?

  • Have you ever had the sensation that you perceive things differently and this causes you a lot of problems?

  • Are you feeling a BIG WHOLE in your chest or stomach?

  • Do you have at least one compulsive or addictive behavior that is related with substance abuse, binge/compulsive eating, or hypersexuality?

  • Do you feel a desperate need to be REALLY LISTENED, to have someone really understand the inner turmoil you feel?

  • Are you longing for a RELATIONSHIP with someone who can love you unconditionally for who you are?

  • Are you reckless when you get angry?

  • Do you cut, pinch, hit, or harm yourself in some other ways?

  • Have you ever threatened that you are going to commit suicide? Do people tell you that you are manipulative when you are angry and impulsive?

  • Do you feel TERRIFIED about LOSING your boy/girlfriend, spouse, or partner, and you tend to interpret any little negative word, attitude, or hint as a sign of abandonment, punishment, critique, or depreciation?

  • Are you AFRAID to go out, meet new people, involve emotionally with other people? Are you having major FRUSTRATIONS about dating, relationships, or sex?

  • Are you afraid that those people who you love will leave you, that you'll end up alone for the rest of your days and no one will miss you?

  • Are you afraid that you'll lose your friends?

  • Are you afraid that you never know when you'll lose it in front of your boss or coworkers and you'll lose your job?

  • Do you still SUFFER because of the bad or cold treatment you got from your parents or other significant adults when you were a child?

  • Do you contemplate ideal things, ideal relationships, an ideal world, an ideal you or other idealistic things?

  • Do you feel too stressed in situations where other people get over painlessly?

  • Do you feel that you need to constantly give up on your wishes, needs, identity just to prevent people from LEAVING YOU?

  • Are you AFRAID that others might find out about your "issues" and will abandon you?

  • Have you ever felt that you are not good enough?

  • Have you been to psychologists who instead of really listening you kept pulling you back to the "surface problems", failing to give you that real support and understanding you need?

  • Do you feel DESPERATE and don't know what to do because you have tried everything but nothing seems to work for you?

Did you have several "YES"-es to these questions? Or maybe too many?

See, I had borderline personality myself and it used to cause me a LOT of problems, just like you.

I have had an unhappy childhood. I felt abandoned, alone, worthless, insecure, extremely frustrated and anxious, tense, ashamed, and guilty.

My parents' coldness, rejection, and attitude of superiority have been very painful to.

Around the age of 19 the first OUTER signs of my borderline personality began to show up. I used to lash out, I was shouting, I was terrified of being accused or criticized. When I wasn't angry or impulsive, I would act cold, distant, and too complying to not upset others. I felt empty, had no aim in life, and I was afraid to have my own opinions.

I just felt that there's nobody in this world I could rely on, who can show me some real-life guidance. I felt messed up inside, clueless, lost, while having idealistic wishes and expectations from myself, others, and from life.

Then luckily I had the chance to meet a wonderful person whose teachings, insights, and life philosophy inspired me to set some goals in my life, improve myself, and do anything possible to bring out the best in me.

I wasn't sure how I was going to make it, but I have begun to read TONS of books on self-improvement. I remember going into bookshops and buying 8-10 books at a time. I have bought EVERY SINGLE BOOK I thought it can help be get closer to start living a meaningful life. I would read books on emotional intelligence, success philosophy, management, marketing, about the human mind, how we learn, how we make decisions, and how our models influence our life.

I was so absorbed by those books. I would read passionately because I was learning a TON of new stuff about myself, about my mind, my emotions, how my mind works. I began to gain a fairly good understanding about why my life wasn't the way I wanted and why I was doing certain mistakes over and over again. I also began to figure out what I need to do in order to REALLY get a handle on my problems once and for all.

At that time I was working as an engineer (my first profession was Electrical Engineer). I am sure that for others this profession brings many satisfactions, however it had NO MEANING whatsoever to me. I have completed the technical college because my parents told me so. As I said, I was having serious identity issues and gaining a technical degree was my parents' idea. That's how I ended up being an engineer.

Just to give you an idea how I used to feel inside during my engineer years, imagine that you have to do a work that you are not quite in love with, AND you have to do it with passion, creativity, and with a smile on your face every single day!

Man, my life was a living hell.

My boss was pushing me to work harder and to be more efficient, but I was simply on the verge of mental and emotional collapse.

Approximately two years after graduation it became crystal clear to me that I needed to do some MAJOR changes in my life if I was to stop hating my life and gain back my inner peace. My BPD kept piling up my troubles and my profession just made me dread every minute of my job. I remember wanting to just run away, get out of the hellhole I was in, and never look back.

But this was impossible.

So the moment came when I had to decide what it is going to happen with me, where do I want to head in life?

At that time profession was my biggest problem. So I did some self-analysis, I applied some of the self-improvement and self-help strategies I have learned from the books I have read.

I have always been passionate and interested in human sciences, like philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, literature.

In light of my interests, inclinations, and the experience and knowledge I have gained, I have decided that I am going to become the best psychologist I was capable of.

This happened in year 2005.

That same year I have enrolled in a BA degree in Psychology.

After graduating I went on and acquired an MA degree in Clinical Psychology, Psychological Counseling, and Psychotherapy in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. For this I had to quit my job, move to another city some three hours away, and all these just one month after my wedding.

This entire schooling phase has taken me five years of my life, TONS of work, and investment.

It wasn't easy, but I can tell you that it was well worth every single second and every single cent.

The knowledge and experience I gained have helped me not to just learn a profession that I love, BUT it also helped me GET RID of my BPD ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I have became calm, contented, balanced, I am able to control my emotions and impulses, I have no problems manifesting my emotions and needs in appropriate ways, I can be friendly and outgoing. My marriage has improved a lot and brings so much satisfaction in ways I could only imagine a few years ago. I'm just HAPPY with the life I have now.

I also get a lot of professional satisfaction from helping BPD sufferers get rid of their self-destructive attitudes and get back their lives.

Every week I get tens of emails from my my readers and clients writing me that the noise in their head is gone, they had their first date in years, their relationships or marriages are back on track, they have fulfilling sex once again, their kids enjoy their company, they feel good being themselves, and that they perform better at work and don't have to be afraid about losing their jobs. 

I overcame my borderline personality, I have a profession that brings me satisfaction, and I get to help other people improve their lives too.

Can I ask for more than this?

In fact I can... I want to help as many BPD sufferers as I possibly can.

What can be more fulfilling than helping people find their happiness, hope, and build themselves a new future?


BPD Develops Silently Over Many Years Before It Starts "Producing" Its Visible Symptoms


Yes, you read that right!

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT that your have BPD.

Scientific researches as well as practice are showing that people develop borderline personality when they are born with certain predisposing factors AND spend their first years of life in families or environments that are deeply invalidating to their emotional needs. This is what I call "THE EARLY LIFE INVALIDATIONS IN BORDERLINE PERSONALITY".

For instance the following types of invalidations (i.e. abandonments) are some of the usual INITIAL CAUSING factors is borderline personality: physical abuse and maltreatments, sexual abuse, parental rejection, lack of parental support and understanding of the child's needs and wishes, emotional coldness, overprotection, exaggerated criticism scolding and punishment, divorce or separation of the parents, adoption, rigid and exaggerated rules and restrictions, bully, implicit and explicit depreciation.

These invalidations are experienced as painful traumas and the child has no one to go to for support and comfort.

In case of BPD sufferers these traumas have been present for a very long time, usually years or even decades.

These early life invalidations represent the building blocks of borderline personality. They make up the "mental structure" of the future borderline personality the same way the chassis of a car represents the basic structure of a car.

However, without an engine the car doesn't have the capacity to move around.

Which brings us to the next section...

"The BPD Circle Of Pain"

"The BPD Circle Of Pain" is the moving force behind the symptoms and manifestations of borderline personality, just like the engine of a car.

This BPD Circle Of Pain is made up by four specific mental and emotional states with their separate set of symptoms and associated self-defeating thoughts and attitudes. They are the four "BPD Pitfalls": Abandonment and Vulnerability, Emotional Detachment, Anger and Impulsivity, and Self-Punishment and Self-Scolding.

Some symptoms in one pitfall can be found in another ones too. For example the feeling of abandonment and hopelessness can be found in the Abandonment and Vulnerability Pitfall as well as in the Anger and Impulsivity Pitfall. Under the influence of certain outside triggering events and situations, this characteristic of the BPD Pitfalls make the BPD sufferer "slide" or "spin" from one pitfall into the next in a circular way.

As mentioned previously, these BPD Pitfalls develop because of the many years of invalidations.

For the minds the invalidations represent messages that are stored in the subconscious structures. They become activated every time something happens that is similar with the original invalidations.

These BPD messages were learned by your mind because you were exposed to them over and over again for a very long period of time.

The GREAT thing about these learned  messages is that they can be RELEARNED.

So to replace them, one of the most efficient ways is to use the same principle of learning but this time using self-validating messages combined with a few secret and field-tested techniques and strategies to speed up the process.

Through this process the self-defeating messages are "turned off" and replaced with the new adaptive and helping ones.

The 6 Steps Toward Borderline Personality ELIMINATION?

1. Letting Your Subconscious Mind Know That You Are A NORMAL Human Being Who Deserves To Be Loved, Respected, And Valued For Who You Are

Some of the main messages transmitted by the Early Life Invalidations is that you are worthless, unlovable, weak, unimportant, and that you will be the same for the rest of your days.

Now, first of all, all these messages are COMPLETELY UNTRUE!

A person's value is intrinsic, it is inherited. In other words, you are are worthy, lovable, important, respectable SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU EXIST, BECAUSE YOU ARE ALIVE!

In other words, your value is already there INSIDE OF YOU, it's just that the consistent invalidations made you believe that you are worthless, unlovable, weak and so on.

2. Addressing The Acute Problems

BPD is usually associated with many acute problems like anxiety, depression, self-harming (e.g., pinching, cutting etc), and addictive behaviors and activities (e.g., substance abuse, hypersexuality, binge/compulsive eating, compulsive shopping etc)

These activities are in fact ways to vent intense emotional tension and distress, and to create instant pleasure.

The BIG downside of all these is that they are highly addictive, their effects are short lived, and are MAJOR ROADBLOCKS in the healing process.

For these reasons these acute problems need to be tackled before commencing with the transformation phase.

3. Knowing A Efficient Relaxing And Self-Soothing Exercises and Techniques

Scientific studies and practice are showing that a person who is calm, relaxed physically and mentally, is several times more receptive to new information and concepts.

So, doing a relaxation exercise before implementing the transformation strategies is going make your mind several times more receptive to the new information.

Your transformation process is going to be smoother, more pleasant, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, it will happen SO MUCH FASTER.

4. Transforming All Four Pitfalls Of The BPD Circle Of Pain

This is the CENTRAL PART of the healing process from BPD.

First you will learn how to "monitor" your pitfalls so that you will know at any moment which one is active. This step is important because each pitfall requires different sets of strategies.

Second, you are going to learn how to address each of the four pitfalls.

For instance, for the Punishing Pitfall you will learn how to fight back and stand up for yourself. You'll see what a great feeling is to know that you can defend yourself and that you are not vulnerable in face of others' insults and punishments anymore.

For the Abandoned and Vulnerable Pitfall you will learn how to love yourself in spite all of the "bad" things you've ever made. You'll see that in fact you are always worthy of love and respect no matter what your past may be.

For the Angry and Impulsive Pitfall you are going to learn new ways of venting your anger in appropriate and non-destructive ways, while at the same time fulfilling your needs and wishes.

For the Emotionally Detached Pitfall you will learn how to reconnect with your emotions and your inner world in order to fill up the gaps in your identity and reconnect with your inner self, to become you once again.

5. Replacing The Defective Ground Thoughts With New Positive And Self-Valuing Ones

The strategy of Repeating Positive Affirmations works so wonderfully in replacing the old depreciating Ground Thoughts with new self-validating ones.

Our mind learns everything through repetition. So if you will use this natural learning principle, you are going to have a foolproof map for a BPD-free life.

6. Sealing Your Recovery By Improving Other Important Areas Of Your Life

BPD is a very versatile mental disorder that affects a person on many levels and in many areas of life.

So after turning the new positive Ground Thoughts and adaptive habits into automatic patterns, the final transformation stage consists of making key changes in other areas of your life that have been affected by your borderline personality.

For instance, one common such area is what we call dating, romance, and relationships. Here you can use your newfound calmness, self-esteem, and confidence to resume your dating life, meet new people, and build new harmonious relationships on stable emotional grounds. Not to mention the increased satisfaction you'll get from your sexual encounters.

Another common problem area for BPD people is job and profession. Many BPDs have jobs or professions that don't suit their natural inclinations or interests. Again, the newfound confidence and self-esteem are excellent "assets" in searching for a new job, or in pursuing a new and more suitable professional career.


The Secrets Of "Borderline Personality Begone!"

All the six main steps presented before are covered in my new "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program.

The program is designed in such a way that at the beginning it works on your self-esteem and self-confidence and to help you gain momentum. Momentum is important later on during the transformational stages of the program. 

The entire program is built around the universal principle that says that if you eliminate the cause or causes of a problem you have in fact solved the problem.

So even if your particular childhood experiences might differ completely from those of other BPD sufferers, the basis of the causing factors are the same.

If you noticed, in the previous sections of this letter I mentioned some of the common initial causing factors of borderline personality. Some BPD sufferers were abused, for some their parents have divorced, for some it was emotional coldness, and for some overprotection.

Now, seemingly there is no common point in all these invalidations.

BUT, if you understand that all these invalidations send very similar messages to the subconscious mind, things begin to look completely different, isn't it?

Let me illustrate with a simple example.

A sexually abused girl develops borderline personality because that abuse CARRIES AN IMPLICIT MESSAGE. That message says something similar to "You are worthless", "You are unlovable", "You are a despicable person". No wonder why so many sexually abused girls feel dirty, and have HUGE self-esteem problems.

On the other hand, a parent who is cold and rejecting to his child, the IMPLICIT message of such attitudes and behaviors is "You don't deserve my love", "You don't deserve my respect, attention, and support", "You are unworthy of my attention and care".

See the BIG SIMILARITIES in the two SEEMINGLY unrelated examples? The implied  messages sent by the two situations are almost identical. Just IMAGINE how would you feel and what would you think if these would happen to you. You'll see that your implied messages will be similar.

This is the reason why my program works REGARDLESS of your particular invalidating early life experiences.

My program goes DIRECTLY to the CENTRAL CAUSES of your borderline personality and replaces them.

Remember? If you eliminate the cause of a problem, you will essentially SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

This is how my "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program works.

See what people who have already benefitted have to say...


  *"I was like a thread being whipped in the wind by the waves of emotional turmoil. In every waking hour I was in emotional pain. It wasn't evident by just looking at me, I was able to disguise it well. But one glance at my professional and personal life and all the failed relationships was a huge sign that said Borderline Personality Disorder. Upon closer examination, one could see the scars on my arms, my promiscuous past, terrible credit, numerous career failures and even the different variations of my style that clearly pointed out BPD. I couldn't live like that any longer, it was either change or die.

   Michael and his information has completely transformed my life. I forgive, know, accept, and love who I am now. Michael addressed every and all concerns regarding my BPD. He handled me with such grace and profound sensitivity that my healing endeavors were achieved at such a speedy rate. In the past I have talked to several psychiatrists, psychologists and never once did I feel comfortable when discussing issues with them as I did when I discussed them with Michael. It was easy, non confronting, and most relaxing and most of all, I was able to take off the mask. I felt at home. Thank you Michael for your selfless service. You saved my life! I am no longer in hell."

- J.E., Yukon, OK

*All testimonials are on file


   *"Firstly I discovered Michael Weisz’s page when I was in a bad form even regarding BPD diagnosis. I struggled then a lot in my job which is still quite stressful place to work because I have very nervous and demanding boss (I work in financial company). I was thinking about giving up my job a lot of times then, but Michael Weisz’s emails were one of a very few things that kept me fighting and gave me hope. His advices were actually more adjusted and useful to me then CBT therapy that I have been in then. I still use some of relaxation techniques that he taught me because they really work. The most useful were to me texts like: “Techniques For The Anger Episodes”, “Self Hatred in BPD” and “BPD Self-Image Instability”. And I started to try more love myself instead of hate and it really changed quality of my life and attitude of others towards me. Also I started to take more time and patience to identify what I’m feeling and it made my identity problems got better. I  found It also quite interesting in terms of my education on BPD because I’m very interested in it now. His texts on BPD are very detailed, and to be honest I also looked up on other websites about BPD and his insights in this diagnosis are quite unique. Not even to mention that he is a good writer which makes his texts nice and easy to read. It is great that you can also ask him about anything and you would get a professional answer. What he does is surely very helpful, inspiring and I’m glad that there are people like him."

- K.P., Poland

*All testimonials are on file


This is a list of the most important things you'll learn in this program:

  • You will learn how to CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS and IMPULSES so that you will be able to go out with confidence, keep your cool in stressful situations, eliminate the paranoid thoughts, make an impression on others with your composure, meet new people, build new relationships, have people missing you, and seeking your presence

  • The simplest possible way to get back your SENSE OF IDENTITY, to stand tall on your feet, defend your IDEAS, VALUES, AND PRINCIPLES, and make your ideas be HEARD

  • You will learn how to enjoy BEING YOU once again

  • Your newfound SELF-ESTEEM, CONFIDENCE, and SELF-RESPECT will allow you know for sure when people are really mean to you and when they are not. You'll STOP the major SWINGS between IDEALIZATION and DEPRECIATION, and see yourself, others, and the world THROUGH REALISTIC eyes. This is going to IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIPS too

  • You'll rediscover your natural APTITUDES and INCLINATIONS, vital for a realistic and balanced sense of self

  • You'll see yourself in positive lights once again. You'll learn how to love, respect, and appreciate yourself

  • You'll learn how to EXPRESS your NEEDS and EMOTIONS in APPROPRIATE WAYS while KEEPING CLOSE those PEOPLE who are IMPORTANT to you

  • You'll learn how NOT TO FEAR ABANDONMENT anymore by tapping into your inner sources of love, worth, and esteem. This way you'll be able to keep your calm and composure REGARDLESS what life might bring your way

  • Your self-esteem, confidence, and magnetic personality and optimism are going to make people WANT to stay AROUND YOU. Clinginess is going to be no longer required, and people are going to LOVE YOU for that

  • You'll learn to eliminate ALL of the addictions and behaviors that are harming and addictive, like substance abuse, overeating, cravings, cutting, pinching, unprotected sex, promiscuity, compulsive shopping

  • All the above MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS are going to cure your insomnia, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and helplessness

  • You'll turn into a difficult target for unscrupulous people who used to use you with all kinds of promises that never came true. You'll know whom to trust and whom to keep away from

  • You'll have enough energy to perform ALL of your daily duties with increased efficiency. This way losing your job is not going to be an issues anymore

  •  "Question Your Anxiety" - a simple strategy to identify the logical flaws of your fears and turn them into thoughts that bring calmness, confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect NO MATTER what is going on around you - it KILLS the common WORRY every time you will use this strategy

  • You will learn the secret way to transform simple positive affirmations into EXTREMELY EFFICIENT WAYS to ELIMINATE borderline personality ONCE AND FOR ALL EVEN if you know nothing about psychology

  • You are going to learn the "Instant Pitfall Annihilation Technique" - this technique literally WIPES OUT the pitfalls in a matter of minutes

  • You will learn how to use your JOURNAL as one of the most effective strategies to "dump" all of your past traumas and accumulated pain, and start looking into the future with OPTIMISM and HOPE

  • Learn how simple things like physical exercises, healthy diet, and a balanced lifestyle can become your BIGGEST ALLIES against your borderline personality

  • You will learn how a simple twist in your way of thinking can transform you from a "loser" into a brand new person (HINT: BPD is in you, but IT'S NOT YOU, it's just an entity you can rid yourself from IF you decide to do so)

  • "Erase And Replace" - a very efficient technique that literally erases your self-defeating attitudes and replaces them with whatever new positive ones you want - YES this really is POSSIBLE.. if you know this technique

  • You'll be able to unleash your creative energies and reach way better decisions thanks to the newfound balanced, realistic, and optimistic ways of think about yourself, of perceive people and the world in general

  • Find out what to do about the associated disorders like Narcissistic Personality, Antisocial Personality, Schizoid Personality, Histrionic Personality, Avoidant Personality, Bipolar Disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in order to finally lay a NEW SOLID GROUND for your better future

So if you are REALLY SERIOUS about dealing with your borderline personality once and for all, stop being constantly upset or sad, have more confidence, improve your self-esteem, stop clinging on your close ones because you fear losing them, be able to withstand criticism and invalidations, be able to see yourself, people, and the world with realistic eyes, have loving and harmonious relationships, regain control over your emotions and impulses, improve your performance at work, feel free to be who you are, then the "Borderline Personality Begone!" PROGRAM is DEFINITELY for you.

This is not brain surgery or some "miracle" cure. If you have the willingness to learn, I can teach you to overcome your borderline personality. It's the same system I used to treat my BPD. And the excellent results it produced in other people is an extra proof that it works.


What Makes This Program Special From Everything Else Available?

FIRST, everything that I teach is presented from the perspective of an ex-BPD sufferer. I managed to get out of the BPD HELLHOLE ON MY OWN. I did it all alone.

SECOND, because everything that I teach was first "TESTED" on me, and then REFINED and ADAPTED so that they PRODUCE the best results in the shortest time possible.

THIRD, because in the program I am addressing not only the BPD, but also all the other essential factors that have a major role in maintaining and perpetuating YOUR healthy, harmonious, and balanced emotional world. Like for instance romance, dating, relationships, work, life style and many others.

FOURTH, because it is backed by MY 100% COMMITMENT to help you get rid of your borderline personality. I love what I do and I know how much pain BPD causes, that's why I answer all my emails personally.

FIFTH, because you don't need to leave your home to learn this information. You can follow through the program from the comfort of your armchair or desk and at a comfortable pace.

SIXTH, the program is in downloadable format. After your order is completed, you will be taken to a secure download page where you can download your copy. "What happens if something will come up and I'll not be able to download the program?" Simply SEND ME AN EMAIL and I'll be happy to assist you.


So What YOU Will Get If YOU Order The "Borderline Personality Begone!" Program TODAY?

Let me show you what you are going to get if you order TODAY...

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     4) The Guide For The Non-BPDs

  • Teaches non-BPD people how to relate with their BPD loved ones in ways that do not harm the relationship, encourage harmony and sincere communication. It also deals in details with the BIG problem of telling the BPD person about his/her issues.

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     5) How To Raise BPD-Free Children?

  • Teaches everything parents should know about rearing children and prevent them from developing Borderline Personality Disorder

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No questions asked, no nothing. Just a honest to goodness guarantee that removes all the risk from you.

Typically recovery starts in the first hours or days... not weeks! So by the time the trial period is up you'll be well on your way to your new BPD-FREE life.


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This your REAL chance to overcome your borderline personality for good. You'll be glad that you made this investment in YOURSELF! I look forward to welcome you as part of our BPD-FREE family...

      Wish you all the best,

PS: Sadly many BPD suffering people will go their entire lives without EVER having the chance to make it meaningful and fulfilling. I don't want you to be one of them. This program will show you EXACTLY what you need to know AND to do in order to GAIN BACK YOUR LIFE, stop the anger episodes, gain back your inner peace, have together your sense of identity, stop the constant worry, and be able to experience once more the little joys of life, like a loving romantic relationship, a caring partner who'll jump on you to "steal" your KISS. You know that you deserve love, respect, appreciation, and this program will show you EXACTLY WHAT and HOW to do it, STEP BY STEP. I wish I had this possibility some years ago.

PS1: If you are still undecided, please read on...

1). You are not sure that this is going to work for you

"Borderline Personality Begone!" was designed to treat BPD. If you experience any of the following symptoms it means that this program is definitely for you:

- Intense Sensation Of Lack Of Identity or identity disturbance ("I don't know who I am")

- Recurrent anger episodes, followed by impulsivity and paranoid symptoms

- Severe relationship problems caused by the fear of abandonment, punishment, critique, or any other "negativity" directed toward you

- Constant worry

- Big swings of perception of others, between idealization and devaluation

- Manipulative behaviors, self-harming, addictive behaviors, or suicidal threats/ideation

- Intense and painful sensations of inner emptiness or void

The program is designed to address the root causes of Borderline Personality. This is why my unique approach is so effective. You just need to apply the techniques, and the positive changes will start to come up naturally, usually in hours or days, depending on how much time you are going to invest. And if you need any assistance, just use your Voucher to Email Me, and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

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2). You Are Not Sure About Buying A Course Over The Internet

This program is great to be available over the internet because after placing your order you can download it right away and be reading it it in a matter of minutes. You don't have to wait days or weeks and ALSO you have NO EXTRA shipping fees, handling costs, boxing etc.

The files can be downloaded to any type of computer. Also the Support Emailing is done over email so you don't have to wait weeks to get an answer if you have something to ask. You write us and we'll assist you in the shortest time. Remember, I suffered from BPD myself, and I am passionate about my work. Don't hesitate to write me!

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3). You are worried about how long it will take to implement the program

The program is presented in such a way that you read the chapters, apply the strategies exactly as they are described, and the positive results will start coming up naturally.

Doing the right things can only produce the right results. So you just have to apply the things I'm teaching and YOUR transformation will happen naturally.

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4). You want to order the program for a friend or a family member

No problem. After ordering send me an email and I will assist you how to make it available to the person you are buying it. Alternatively you can print the books and give them to that person as a gift. There's no better gift than giving to a BPD person the necessary information and tools to change his or her life for the better.

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