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The Borderline Treatment: Tips To Deal With The Symptoms Of Borderline Personality

Understand The Symptoms Of Your Borderline Personality And Learn Tips To Address Them

Learn more about the different "faces" of borderline personality and know EXACTLY what to do with each of them.. To get back your inner peace and balance.

What Are The Diagnosis Criteria For Borderline Personality?

Some of your symptoms are pointing to borderline personality but still unsure whether your have BPD or not? Learn the diagnosis criteria of borderline personality disorder according to DSM-IV-TR!

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The Four BPD "Pitfalls"

There is so much more than meets the eye for the BPD symptoms and manifestations. Mentally and emotionally BPD people slide through four emotional states or BPD "Pitfalls" that form an entire process that I have called "The BPD Circle Of Pain". Find out what are these Four BPD Pitfalls and how they work in you.

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Why Changing Your Thoughts Is SO Important In Healing BPD

Maybe you've heard or read before that if you want to change your emotions you need to change your thinking. Find out in this article why the process of changing your self-defeating thoughts into self-validating ones is DIRECTLY involved in HEALING YOUR BPD...

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BPD Anger And Impulsivity And How To Control Them

Do you want to know why people with BPD have bouts of anger and impulsivity? Interested in learning ways to control them and preserve your relationships?

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How To Stop Your Fear Of Abandonment

You probably know that your abandonment fear damages your relationships, yet you can't control it... In this article I'm teaching simple strategies to relieve yourself from the fear of being left behind and be able to rebuild your social and romantic ties.

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Self-Love And Emotional Well Being In BPD

Emotional pain and self-hatred are probably the most destructive manifestations of borderline personality. Find out how you can regain your inner tranquility and start loving yourself again.

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Borderline Personality And Addictions

Most people who suffer from borderline personality have at least one behavior or habit that is highly addictive. These behaviors and habits quickly alleviate the emotional tension, however on the long run they distract attention from the real causes of the symptoms and perpetuate the causes of BPD.

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Efficient Borderline Personality Treatment - The Twelve Key Elements

Any efficient treatment for borderline personality has to include these twelve key elements. Find them out!

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