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"What Are The Symptoms of Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder?"

By Michael Weisz


Are you having a hunch that you or someone you know has Narcissistic Borderline Personality Disorder?

Let’s see what are the most common symptoms and manifestations of this combination of personalities.

On the one hand, the distinctive traits of Borderline Personality are constituted by intense fear of abandonment, the intense feeling of inner void or emptiness, marked and/or unstable self-identity, intense anger episodes, suicidal attempts and/or threatening, impulsive behaviors, emotional instability, unstable relationships, paranoid ideation linked to stressful events.

On the other hand, Narcissistic Personality is characterized by a general pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration, and lack of empathy.

While the borderline looks somewhat bashful or unsure, fears in silence from possible invalidations of the already present negative and unstable self-perceptions, and has furious outbursts when real or perceived invalidations really happen, the narcissistic puts forward an obnoxious self-confidence, exploits others for his/her own benefit with no regards to consequences, lacks empathy, craves for an adulatory kind of admiration from others and becomes manipulative and/or angry if he/she doesn’t get that when he/she wants it.

The narcissistic wants special treatment, he/she thinks is entitled for privileges and special rewards without showing real merits, connects only with “high ranked” personalities and despises those who are found to be below his/her shameless high standards, is arrogant, but unlike a borderline he or she does not have suicidal ideation, does not attempt to commit suicide, and usually has no antisocial behaviors. Usually he or she is very concerned about his/her outside image, is contemptuous with those who look worse, fantasizes over and even mentions his/her grandiosity and perfection.

Further on, while about three quarters of the borderline sufferers are women, men put up about the same number in narcissistic personality.

Usually in a person the narcissistic borderline traits will swing to one extreme or the other, mixed with one or more traits from the other personality type.

This is the reason why sometimes it is easy to get confused in the details.

So the way to go is to look at the big picture of a person to determine the main color of his/her personality, and then to identify the different shades coming from the other personality.

For instance, in relationships a borderline will leave the impression of emotional neediness, insecurity, instability, and lack of self-confidence, while the narcissistic will make you feel like the only person who matters is him or her.

As you can see, both think usually only about themselves, from different perspectives, but regarding the same aspect of the psyche. And that aspect is the self-perception.

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